2015 Audi R8 without manual gearbox

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2015 Audi R8 without manual gearbox

As I just read on Jalopnik Audi is not planning to put manual gearbox into new R8 model. The reason which stays behind is that new R8 will based on Lamborghini Huracan which has only 7-speed, double-clutch DSG gearbox. This might be understood from producer point of view however reading it I just remembered the BMW M5 e60 case. BMW decided not to install manual gearbox declaring better performance of the car however after some time under pushment of american lobby changed their mind. However I am not sure if they changed since I’ve never seen BMW e60 with manual. Nevertheless customers have their power and Audi should watch out since they might go for example to BMW to get supercar with manual. But…deos any company has now supercar with manual gearbox??? Thats the question.

However what is positive from this information is fact that Audi plans to set the next version of R8.

Of course don’t be so positive because Audi is planning to lower the engines capacity due to norms in some countries. Will new R8 have 4 cylinder twin turbo engines??? This would be the end of the world!


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