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Maybe I will start form the because in the end it is all about going fast. Indeed the Prosche I describe a little here is really really fast. But is it all the modern supercar should be?

Porsche thinks it not the only element which should be considered. That is why the new Porsche 918 Spyder is also green using E-Drive (electric engines) till even 150km/h and distance of 32km. Of course electric engines are truly supported by 4,6 liter V8 engine which mix gives power of around 887 hp and 1275Nm torque. It is really incredible and its performance is also astonishing: 2.6sec to 100km/h, 7.2 sec to 200km/h and 19.9. sec to 300km/h. Just imagine that in a car like BMW 525d F10 after 7.2 secs you will drive only 100km/h.

Porsche 918 Spider is a record car beating the Green Hell in 6:57 which is 14 secs less than previous record. What is really interesting, Porsche will not earn money on any of 918 Spider selling at price of 845 000 USD and none will have seats which could be adjusted for height or recline.

Interested in having one?

2015-Porsche-918-Spyder-Front autoniusy.pl (1) 2015-Porsche-918-Spyder-Front autoniusy.pl (3) 2015-Porsche-918-Spyder-Front autoniusy.pl (4)

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