Aston Martin DB11 almost revealed

Aston Martin is about to reveal their new position DB11 at Geneva Motor Show in March however we can already see the face of the car.

Its design is similar to DB10 which played only in James Bond film (now one of them set for auction). Although we all might think that it looks the same as DB9 the truth is that Aston Martin changed the car significantly. The grill is wider than in predecessor, the headlights have totally different shape and hood of the car is more imposing.

Adding sharper mirrors, no door handles which give a cleaner look of side line and small trunk spoiler means they did their task in Aston Martin. Of course to see the back of the car we need to wait till Geneva Motor Show while the only photo we have shows the front of the car.

Rumors say that Aston Martin DB11 will have some inside components borrowed from Mercedes-Benz as both comapnies cooperate. Maybe we will see all-digital display and other toys used in Mercedeses.


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