Some say its ugly and is poor imitation of German super offroader. Indeed it is a copy of German Mercedes G-Class however how many people can afford the one from Germany? Its price is at S-class level and only minor percentage of world can have one.

So whether its ugly or not it still can remind to owners the real German hero and also other famous offraod cruisers – Land Rover discovery and Hummer. The BJ80 is packed with 4.0-liter V8 engine however we have no idea about its power and performance.

To make the situation clear and not make jokes out of Chinese offroader we must state that BAIC Motor has reached an agreement in late 2012 with Daimler which allows them to use Mercedes-Benz’s architectures but they could have done a better job in the design department for this BJ80.

source: Worldcarfans

Beijing Auto BJ80 (1) Beijing Auto BJ80 (2) Beijing Auto BJ80 (3)