Although at the begining of the year Audi was leading in sales in comparison to BMW and Mercedes the situation has changed. To remind you all three brands fight among each other to get as many customers as possible worldwide.

BMW has already sold 428,259 with 17% increase which is more than 412.850 from Audi and 374,276 from Mercedes. At the same time its necessary to say that Audi is still having growth and Mercedes hit great results with CLA model. The result achieved by BMW is due to great sales of SUVs. X1 grew by 15%, X3 by 11% and X5 by 14% in first quarter of 2014.

However we can still await a great battle on the market. Audi is promising to reveal 17 refreshed models still this year and Mercedes will launch 30 new models till 2020 and any of them with predecessor. Only thing I wish to all of us – the quality of each new model in each brand stays the same level to which they used us.

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