Ferrari 458 Prior Design on Autobahn

The standard Ferrari 458 is a superfast car which I suposse doesn’t need any tunign. However guys from Prior Design took this car into garage and made it look even more aggressive.

Meanwhile the look of the car is not everything they’ve done. The car they drive on this video has also straigh pipes. Look how fast it is and also hear the sound.

Lamborghini Sesto elemento on public road

Of course without homologation…however who cares if the owner/driver is very rich sheik. Look how the $3 million Lamborghini Sesto Elemento behaves on public roads.

Remember that this car weights only 999kg and has the power of 570bhp produced by V10 engine. If you for any equipment inside the car there is nothing. The car looks like a racing car and indeed hadles that way too.

Robert Kubica in Monte Carlo Rally 2015

Long time no haer again…Well was a bit busy lately and had to leave autoniusy for a while. However as I am getting more organised I can start writing about cars – subject i really love.

I’d like to start the new year with the post about fenomenal ride of Robert Kubica in 2015 Rally Monte Carlo. During the first day of driving Kubica had a great pace winning three stages of the rally. Unfortunately he had a two difficultis – going off the road for a while and than hitting the tree. It may not sound like a little difficulty however according to the driver it wasn’t serious.

After that Kubica is placed at 11th position.

I include a video on which you can find the great drive of Robert Kubica.

Ferrari LaFerrari in Berlin

There are more and more supercars in Berlin. Actually there always were many…however most of people tend to look for them in London or Monaco. Seriously Berlin as a capital of Germany, one of most rich countries in the world, can offer us same number of supercars.

One example is red Ferrari LaFerrari caught on the street.

Supercar invasion in London!

For all those who don’t know why there are so many supercars in London which are registered in arabic countries we hurry to inform. As probably you imagine very rich people from Arabic countries spend their holidays in London due to weather conditions in their countries. London temperatures are easy to live with during summer what encourages Arabians. Of course its not the only factor they come – London is also a capital of finance 🙂

So as they come they often take their cars with them and during summer months London is full of hypercars.

Insanely loud BMW e60 M5

The standard BMW M5 in e60 edition is like 5-seated Formula 1 one car. It drives enourmously fast due to adapted Formula 1 V10 engine with maximal output of 507hp. Its maximum speed reaches 330km/h and its accelerations beats many Ferraris and Porsches.

However the idea of tuning is to make great things even better. This is example of exhaust modification in BMW M5, one of autoniusy favourites cars. Watch and hear how it sounds.