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End of Bertone – Avada Adventure

End of Bertone

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End of Bertone

Due to financial difficulties company Bertone has been shut.

Bertone has been famous for 100 years thanks to their outstanding design concepts and projects launched. They have created most beautiful cars in the world and were always present in all motor heads gloablly. Most famous cars which were designed in Bertone’s company were Lamborghini Miura & Countach, Stratos or Montreal.

However at present there in no live in the company and only brand is left which was set by Giovani Bertone. Alhtough Berton company genrates €20m revenue it is not enough to cover the needs. There are many court cases pending forward Italian company from suppliers who would like to get their money back and also from stuff which hasn’t been paid for last 6 months. Lately 160 workers have been also sacked.

It is very sad end for such a great and honoured company. Michael Robinson, ex –chief designer in Bertone (fired in end of 2013) says: “I cannot say what will become of the once-great design house. My design team was doing amazing things there, rebuilding the iconic brand after the dark years, but alas someone yanked the floor out from under our feet. That hurt.” His motto is: don’t get mad, get even.

Robinson took best deisgners and engineers and set new company ED and started new history. Meanwhie its a pity there are no good news regarding Bertons’s future.


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