Italian company FB-One showed their project of modifications towards Chrysler CrossFire in Monaco.

I’ll keep myself at the moment without aby comment and will approach you a bit this project. It has been totally changed as it comes to design adapting lights from Audi A8 in front, changing the car line into…hmmm one big exaggeration. Its too much, there is no one major line and it looks like puzzles collected together but without any special direction. All elements are simply enormous and surely would need more refinement.

And I forgot that I was about to write the car data…So it has Mercedes AMG engine with 400hp and all other technical parts from Chrysler.

So let me back to judging. Of course it is great that Italians had an idea and actually made it come true however with all respect it looks like not finished project. The front of the car looks like a monster and the rear more like window sill or table on which you can put beer. So with all respect I don’t like it.