Mercedes CL sketch

Mercedes CL (now S Coupe) was always flagship of Stuttgart based automaker. Mercedes always put in this model all its engineers invented linking it with biggest engines and top class comfort. The car was always inspirational for me while its design evolved among years. Starting with SEC models from W126 it lookd very slim and long like a real coupe should. After this model came W140 which looked more like a tank which can not be destroyed by any bomb. Although it looked very heavy and had not many fans I think it was one of best looking cars ever made.

The next model W220 didn’t remind the W140 at all. Mercedes came back to more sporty design creating its shape as it was lighter, longer the same as in W126 model.

What I created here is..lets say a mix of lines Mercedes used for S-Coupe models. I wanted to create something what reminds a bit the W140, SEC and also W220.

pod gazete


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