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Monaco parking drama

All of you who were in Monaco probably thought about becoming a valet parker. Those guys park and drive actually lots of super and hyper cars which belong to celebrities, stars and all kinds of rich people.

As I was in this beautiful city last year I just took a look at little closet in Hotel De Paris in which car keys were hidden. It was impressive to see so many keys to cars like Lamborghini, ferrari, Rolls-Royce or Bentley. As a matter of fact one of valet parkers would hit me in a Ferrari F599 while I was taking a picture of it. It would be my fault as I standed at the middle of the road as he was driving…But this is not a theme of this post.

what it is all about is indeed connected with supercar parking, this time Lamborghini Aventador, however with dramatic end. The hotel will probably have to cover the costs of this action since the guy went a bit too fast forward hitting SUV. This caused a damge to Lamborghini which for sure will cost a lot.

This might have also been a car which belongs to one of rent-a-cars which are very famous in Monaco however someone has to pay for the damage.

Nevertheless it is interesting how the contract of valet parker is written. there must be a paragraph about potential damages.

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