Nurbugring will tell you which car is the fastest

//Nurbugring will tell you which car is the fastest
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Nurbugring will tell you which car is the fastest

Since some time I have been following the evolution of new era supercars. There is a lot in media about the crisis globally and such time shouldn’t be good for car worht milions. However market for rich people doesn’t change so much and recently we could admire some new hypercars. I mean here the most important ones on world scene: Koenigsegg Agera, Pagani Huayra, further evolutions of famous Bugatti Veyron and those which always were at the top – Porsche with 918, Ferrari with Laferrari and McLaren which shown long awaited succesor of F1, P1 model.

koenigsegg agera nurburgring autoniusy (1)

mclaren p1 nurburgring autoniusy (1)


Why I call them a new era? Well, since some years the supercar ratio is measured by lap time made on Nurburgring. For some reason this might be the best factor while apart from different drivers the race track will always be the same – the most difficult and demanding. If you take a look on official site of Ring with lap times you will see which car is now a king. Of course a mean the series car because Radical SR8 dosne’t seem to be in the same ligue as those I mentioned before. It is German made, built in Stuttgart Porsche 918. It is the first street, series, road car which challenged the track with time under 7 minutes. Thinking about this result I remember when Horst Von Saurma said once that each car which beats Ring in time under 8 minutes can be treated as a rocket. It is more than fast…

porsche 918 nurburgring autoniusy (4)

porsche 918 nurburgring autoniusy (1)

But what’s next? I can not find times of Veyron and to be honest I woudln’t exepct it to beat 7 minutes due to its weight. However as we can see many drag races made in Sweden between Koenigsegg and other supercars, mostly won by Swedish machine, I wuold really like to see this car on Nurburgring. Pagani is also treated as one of fastest hypercars in the world so why hasn’t it been tested in German circuit? Maybe Pagani and Koenigsegg don’t care about the results. Maybe they even shouldn’t since I assume their business is going well.

pagani huayra autoniusy (2)

koenigsegg agera nurburgring autoniusy (2)

However if we look into three best hypercars brands we only have result of Porsche. Now its time for competition and we know that some days ago McLaren has done an attempt to beat the Porsche time. The formal information from McLaren says that it was below 7 minutes with average speed around 170km/h but still without final result confirmed. Some say it was even 10 seconds quicker than Porsche…We will know soon.

mclaren p1 nurburgring autoniusy (1)

mclaren p1 nurburgring autoniusy (3)

mclaren p1 nurburgring autoniusy (4)


And the last we await is the king of hypercars – LaFerrari made by Ferrari. Is Maranello crew waiting till all others make their times and show how fast should be new king? Or maybe thet already know it will not beat both McLaren and Porsche and will never give a hint about times got by LaFerrari?

In my opinion it should be as quick as P1 and 918 which we mean a real progress comparing to Enzo which got 7:25 when tested by Evo Magazine.

koenigsegg agera nurburgring autoniusy (3) laferrari nurburgring autoniusy (1) laferrari nurburgring autoniusy (2)   mclaren p1 nurburgring autoniusy (2) mclaren p1 nurburgring autoniusy (2)pagani huayra autoniusy (1)porsche 918 nurburgring autoniusy (1)porsche 918 nurburgring autoniusy (2)


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