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Science fiction in Audi

A terrific idea I read today about. Audi is working on the system which will help drivers to drive towards traffic lights only on green. How this can be possible and why they are working on it? Well we loose much of fuel during often starts and stops in traffic. Such invention would help us to reduce the emission to air and also help us save up money.

Ok, but how can they do it since at first glance its just science fiction. Well thay already have a prototype which has been tested in Las Vegas and its results are impressive. It works together with local traffic signals and central traffic computer than predicts when lights will change and show speed at which driver should follow to catch the green light. Once the car is stopped at red light system shows time remaining to green and in models equipped with start/stop system ignites engine 5 seconds before.

According to Audi if system is launched in Germany, it can help to save 900 million liters of fuel and reduce CO2 emission of 15%.

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