SGA Aerodynamics took the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series to the garage and changed the car for even more sporty looking. SLS Black Series leaving Affalterbach is already looking like a real beast but SGA was able to improve its looks.

The front of the car recevied additional double-layer spoiler set at very low level and combined with carbon-fiber aero flaps.

Sides of Mercedes became wider and standard air vents got carbon-fiber air inlets. Rear of the car is also different with additional spoiler and changed diffuser which is combined with standard Black Series exhaust system.

Car is painted in diamond-white paint what greatly contrast with all aerodynamic components and its look is finished with MAE forged rims. Three part wheels have directional running pattern in its turbine optics. The size of wheels is 10.5 x 20 with tires 265/30 in front and 12×21 inches with 325/25 in rear.

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