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People very often are fascinated by supercars. Indeed all supercars have something what makes our hearts beat faster. Supercars are beautiful, emotional and incredibly fast and also cost a fortune. People dream to have it, drive it, touch it, get inside and would do a lot to make it. However has anyone ever thought about the usability of such cars? Would you be satisfied if you had to go with a McLaren F1 or Ferrari Enzo each day to work? Imagine trying to drive such a bullet in crowded neighborhood or during rain or even on snow. Its impossible and trying to do it would cost you a lot of nerves and probably also money. Just by the way has anyone tried to drive such a car or snow??? Are there snow tires in such a size? Imagine also how you put your kid into a car with an armchair or how you want to go to McDrive and eat in a car. Have any of designers thought about cup holder inside the car? I don’t think so.

I could write a lot about what you can not do in a supercar and how unpractical machine it is. However who cares about it? None of us should because supercars should be fast, have astonishing look and fill our vanity.

1994-eb110-ss FerrariF40 Ford-Saleen-S7 laferrari ferrari mclaren P1


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