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The lower the better – Welcome to Japan

Wherever I go, in whatever the country I buy tuning magazine I see that car modifications mean totally different attitude to cars. What impressed me much is Japan with its own style which by polish perspective seem to be impossible to adapt. The reason is simple – our roads are totally ruined and making the car so low means you will never drive it. If so only to repair it.
Nevertheless what astonished me is how low can they go. Taking a look at wheels which are set with a large angle it seems like negation of the laws of physics. What I thought at the begining was – are those cars driveable? If so – how? Only some part of tyres keep the grip but on the other hand this may be the solution to get the better handling. I do not know since so far I haven’t tried – maybe once Japanese will invite me to try 🙂
The most impressive for me is that Japanese have created their own style, style which is not a copy of anythig else and can stand in the same row as Europeans, Americans and others in one row. Respect Guys! SSR_Professor_MS1_Toyota_Celsior_Lexus_LS400_02 SSR_Professor_MS1_Toyota_Celsior_Lexus_LS400_04 Work_Meister_S1_Honda_Inspire_01 Work_Meister_S1_Honda_Inspire_06 autoniusy.plWork_Meister_S1_Honda_Inspire_07 lexus 300 tuning nissan loride japan style VIPIMP
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