Tuned Ferrari – is there a reason to improve perfectness?

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Tuned Ferrari – is there a reason to improve perfectness?

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Years ago I thought that there are car brands which shouldn’t be touched by tuners. Easy to guess one of them was Ferrari which in my opinion it was perfect leaving Maranello. The reasons I thought its true were F355 and F50. I was around 12 when both models were shown public and once I saw them I really fell in love. Its outstanding design and performance left no doubt who’s the king and it’s pretty awkward to say to king that something should be changed.
I kept this opinion for years and its almost became my religion however once upon a time I saw this – Novitec Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. After few days of wondering whether germans had a good idea to touch iconic brand I was totally convinced that – Yes. And the result was more than OK. If you take a look the tuned 612 got more agression by larger wheels, bigger exhaust and lower suspension. Of course black rear lights look like icing on the cake. The car doesn’t have big spoilers, wider bumpers or splashboards what helps to keep its original beauty and style.
After seeing this example of tuned Ferrari know I am more than welcome to see more of them but still modified in a way which leaves no doubt that it was originally produced in Maranello.

 Novitec-612-Scaglietti_autoniusy.pl (3) Novitec-612-Scaglietti_autoniusy.pl (2) Novitec-612-Scaglietti_autoniusy.pl (1)


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