As I take a look into evolution of car tuning I simply think that now people do not give a shit if your car is not dressed in let’s say tailor made outfit. It needs to look in a way to make it totally outstanding in a crowd. Look at the MIG Ferrari Enzo from Gemballa. If you’re a fan, a real fan of Ferrari this car should look to you abysmally. But taking into consideration the awareness it creates near hotels where its usually parked or number of likes it gets on Facebook you can see contrast.
It simply shows that nowadays the only value is to be seen on the road, to be seen as a better one, the more stylish one and more trendy one. Of course some can say that making the wide body tuning helps to get a better grip and handling. It is undertandable in Ferrari for sure but in a M3 from BMW??? Tell me how often owners of M3 are on the racetrack to check to how performance in curves in improved??? Is widebody really helping? All those who tested cars on racetracks know that the frst option to improve driveablitiy is to lower the weight, tune the suspension and increase the power of engine.
According to what I just wrote I feel I have found only one clue in widebody modifications. Make the car look better. However does it always look better? Maybe You can tell me… gemballa-enzo-MIG Toyota Supra widebody bmw m5 e39 widebody bmw m6 widebody hamann ferrari 308TS widebody mercedes sl65 amg widebody SEMA 2012 nissan skyline r34 widebody